My Visit to H+M

This grand landmark building’s interior hosts crisp white walls, a breathtaking three-story-high ceiling surrounded by Victorian-era arches, and now plays house to high-fashion merchandise poking out of every nook and cranny. Yes, nothing like a day spent at Swedish Brand H&M’s new home in the GPO Melbourne. Or is there…?

I arrived to the store on Thursday – my nerves full of excitement and my wallet full of birthday money “to save for my future” (future sales!?). I am drawn to shopping for experience over necessity, so how could I miss an opportunity to visit H&M? However as I strut through the doors for my grand entrance, I found my nerves rising and my excitement fading as I hit a wall of people. I found myself wishing I was a few inches taller as I pushed through the crowd of torsos, finally reaching the first collection of Coat’s I saw. Not the highlight of my day.
Throughout my journey through the maze of bodies and clothes, I saw and adored the hints of fur, sweaters, monochrome and pastels that flooded the clothing racks and were held tightly in arms of shoppers. I had accumulated my own pile of merchandise to fiercely protect as I finally muscled my way to the change room line, surrounded by the now familiar buzz of whispers of “sorry” “excuse me” and even the occasional death-stare (and who said shopping wasn’t a competitive sport?).  It took forty minutes until I was ushered into a spare change room, and finally picked my gorgeous purchases that only cost me $74.85au all together! I was then very eager to leave.

Admittedly H&M Melbourne can be excused for its cramped and unkind atmosphere due to its Grand Opening only occurring last month. And I definitely left excited about all the incredible chic bargains folded neatly in my bag.  However I was definitely left stripped of my energy and eagerness at the hands of ruthless retailers.
Oh well, nothing that a little retail therapy can’t fix!

Bag - $29.95
Shirt - $27.95
Knit - $16.95
(top photo is not mine)

Love you lots

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  1. HAHAHA I love your writing!

    "Future sales" AMEN!